Black Legacy Tour—Stop The War Against Haiti

Did you know that over 2 million children live in the streets/homeless in Haiti?

And that over 200,000 are out of school or even know what a classroom looks like. Haiti has an estimated 1.2/1.6 million orphans and vulnerable children (OVC). About 7,000 children roam the streets of Port-au-Prince. Thousands more can be found across the island in cities such as Cap Haitien and Gonaives. As a parent, myself, this made me shed tears and it broke my heart.

Did you know that over 80% of Haiti consists of farmers?

Former President Bill Clinton passed the 1996 Farm Bill so that he could subsidize/support his hometown rice farmers in Arkansas, American Rice Co.—this ill-advised and rapacious bill, literally crippled the small island’s economy, undercut the Haitian rice farmers, and impoverished 80% of the population, til this very day? All he did was say, “I’m Sorry.” No reparations, no actionable apology, no foreseeable justice.

Courage To Believe International

We stand with Haiti! Join us in solidarity as we assist and support and King Kevin Dorival’s Black Legacy Tour: “Stop The Ongoing War and Inhumane Policies towards #Haiti. The tour started on May 27th, 2022, in Chicago, and will continue until the unjust policies and treatment of Haitian people by the United States and France stops. Our GoFundme has the goal of reaching $20,000 to travel, lobby, and fight for justice in this humanitarian effort. Click here to support the Black Legacy Tour: Stop The Ongoing War and Inhumane policies towards #Haiti! Next cities and states for the tour will be: NYC, MIA, ATL, LA, NO, and NO (more locations will be added).

Several cities in Haiti were devastated by disasters. Our goal is to inspire and encourage urban youth from around the world, especially in the United States to have compassion for our people. Courage To Believe Int’l (C2B) is currently serving in Haiti, Atlanta, and South Florida. Our Haitian Earthquake Relief efforts are now underway for the August 14, 2021 earthquake that has killed over one thousands lives in southwest Haiti (Grand Anse, Nippes, and Sud provinces, Les Cales, and Jacmel). We’re currently accepting medical supplies, water, money, and toiletries for the islanders for our trusted team and verified partners on the frontlines—Click Here. C2B teaches our students to believe in themselves, and strategies on how to accomplish short/long-term goals in life. We also aim to direct their energy towards positive activities that will help them surpass their life goals and dreams. Saving 50 youths a year from the school-to-prison pipeline is the bottomline. On a global scale, we’ll also be in Haiti teaching entrepreneurial skills. Check out our past three Community Crime Solutions Panels, and empowerment workshops.

       The Black Legacy Tour flyer with King Kevin Dorival. Please support it by sharing the link and donating if possible. "Stop The Ongoing War and Inhumane policies towards #Haiti."

Join our Rosette Pierre’s Creative Classroom program fundraiser. Our goal is to raise $1,000,000 to help students learn how to read, write, and publish their own books, films, and artwork. The second phase of the program is to teach them how to video record, edit, and publish their show film.
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