About Us

Vision Statement

Courage To Believe Int’l goal is to  inspire and encourage urban youth and young adults from every race, color, ethnicity. We want them to believe in themselves. To direct their energy in positive activities that will help them accomplish their life goals and dreams.

The Courage To Believe: Never Give Up Documentary

Mission Statement

To encourage all male and female youths and young adults in South Florida to care for their homes, communities and themselves. Our goal is to help them to appreciate and to develop a deep understanding of their history and cultures. We offer a variety of preventative programs and enrichment activities that are designed to build self-esteem, character, and leadership skills in our participants.  Our primary focus is to bring male and females together in an environment that encourages support each other and to develop overall strong and positive relationships.

About The Founder

Kevin “King” Dorival, of Haitian descent, received his bachelor’s’ degree in Political Science from Florida Atlantic University. Mr. Dorival owns a marketing company, Skyview Creative Circle. He is the host of the annual Black On Black Crime Solutions Panel, author of (“The Courage To Believe” and “7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire), mentor and inspirational speaker. He has presented keynote speeches workshops in front of 5,000 people at churches, schools and athletic teams. He has facilitated youth workshops, such as the 29th Annual Black On Black Crime Prevention Conference. He is also the founder of Courage To Believe International, a 501c3 mentoring organization. Mr. Dorival is without a doubt a bonafide gamechanger!

“It’s been of great pleasure to me to serve my community, and to inspire people that aren’t inspired. There is something magical about it! A true blessing that God has allowed me to take up this mantle.” – Kevin Dorival, president


Our mentoring programs cover a wide range of topics, such as: C2B Chess Program and the Annal Black On Black Crime Solutions Panel. Here’ what the Sun Sentinel had to say about our annual event – At Community Panel, Sheriff Confronted by Angry Man Disheartened by Violence

Lecture Topics

  • Motivational & Empowerment
    • 7 Types of Queens,Kings Desire
    • How To Find The King & Queen In You
    • Focus Like Your Life Depends On It
    • Creating Your Future
    • Black On Black Crime Solutions
    • Obtaining and Maintaining Your Destiny
    • Addressing The Roots of Social Issues
  •  Powerful Lectures On World History Toussaint Louverture & The Haitian Revolution
  • Black History: Greatest Authors Of Our Time
  • Unique History of the Caribbean
  • Beautiful & Powerful African History
  • Creative Ways To Make A Living As A Felon
  • Internet Marketing Strategies


Perseverance. Determination. Believe. Succeed.